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How many filmmakers run multiple crowdfunding campaigns?

Crowdfunding provides filmmakers with a much better form of financing than investment or loans.  There’s nothing to repay, no one controls the creative process and you own 100% of your film. However, some people question how sustainable crowdfunding is as a repeating funding source. Can you really go back and raise more money on Kickstarter for a second film?

Today’s research was sparked by a reader question. James Heath emailed to ask “Do you happen to know many campaign owners who have gone from running smaller Kickstarter campaigns to returning later to do larger ones?”

In order to work this out, we need a lot of data. Fortunately, last year I performed an extensive study of all Kickstarter film projects which had run since …

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The relative popularity of genres around the world

In the second of four articles we wrote for the American Film Market, Bruce Nash and I looked at the relative popularity of genres around the world.

We studied the territorial breakdown of theatrical box office grosses for 3,368 films covered by The Numbers’ international box office tracking. This covers most films released since the beginning of 2015, with some data going back to 2012. We developed a formula for assessing the relative strength or weakness of each genre within a territory when compared to that genre’s global performance (more details at the end of the article).

In the charts below, zero indicates the global average performance, so a positive score indicates that the genre in question performs disproportionality well in that territory.


We …

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The cost, income and films of the Toronto International Film Festival

I am currently at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), experiencing Canadian hospitality, international films and British jetlag.  

TIFF is a lot larger than I suspect most people realise.  The annual festival is huge, attracting over 5,000 industry professionals and selling 530,000 tickets in 2015, but this is just one aspect of TIFF.  Throughout the rest of the year, they run screenings, talks, exhibitions, training, industry and charitable events.  

In order to get a better idea of the scale of TIFF, I combed through Annual Reports, audited accounts and other public documents to look at TIFF’s costs and income.  To give you a sense of scale, at the end of 2015 they had $9.1 million in cash in the bank and …

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Tips for attending the Toronto International Film Festival

The film industry is good at generating wisdom but not so good at disseminating it.  A case in point is all of the tips and tricks learnt by attendees of a festival or market.  The first time someone attends they spend the first half of their trip totally lost, but after a few days they start to get the hang of it, thanks in part to the things they learn from their fellow attendees.  Everyone new feels like they have got the hang of it exactly at the moment it finishes. We then all return to our four corners of the globe, only for the same cycle to play out the next year.

And so I have taken on the task of collecting some of …

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