The most employed people in the British film industry

In the past I’ve shown how only one in five British filmmakers who have made a feature film manage to make a second film.  This figure came up in conversation last week and it naturally led to the question “So who is making all the UK films?” I took a look at who has the most credits in the British film industry over the last 10 years across all UK films budgeted over £500k.  In summary…

  • Michael Winterbottom has directed the most UK films over £500k from 2003-13
  • Over the course of his career, ex-head of BBC Films David M Thompson has 157 producer credits
  • 20 people account for 40% of all cinematography credits on UK films over £500k from 2003-13
  • Pete Pedrero is the most-credited stunt performer/co-ordinator on …
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How many Assistant Directors work on a film?

A few months ago I looked at the size of crews on 2,000 films. Since then I’ve had many requests to break the numbers down by department. I published a producers breakdown a few weeks ago so now it’s time for the Assistant Directors (known as ADs). I looked at the Assistant Directors credits on live actions films within the highest grossing 100 films of each of the past 20 years, giving me a pool of 2,000 films to study. In summary…

  • In 2013, the average film had two First Assistant Directors, almost five Second ADs and one and a half Third ADs
  • Films budgeted over $100 million have three First ADs, seven Second ADs and three Third ADs
Twenty Years A.D.

In 2013, the average film …

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How many jobs are in Shooting People’s Filmmaker bulletin?

This week I took a look at independent filmmaking in the UK, to see what films are being made and what connections filmmakers are looking to form.  To do this, I analysed a year’s worth of jobs on the community site Shooting People.  I have been a member for over a decade and have used them many times to find cast, crew and collaborators. For those who don’t know, Shooting People is a daily email which serves as a bulletin board, news provider and soapbox for filmmakers. It costs £40 a year to subscribe and any member (known as a ‘Shooter’) can post to the bulletins.

I took a year’s worth of their flagship ‘Filmmaker’ bulletin (1st December 2012 to 30 November 2013 …

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Do women prefer films made by female filmmakers?

This is the second of a three part series on gender in the film industry.  The first article was published on Monday and looked at new data I’ve gathered for the global film business. The third article will be published on Friday and is a collation of all the film gender studies I could find.

The blog articles cannot cover all of the information I have gathered so I am creating a PDF report that includes all the gender studies and data. If you want to receive the full 30 page report then please join my free mailing list via the box to the right and I’ll send you the PDF once it’s ready. The report will contain…

  • New data on gender within the global …
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How many films in an average film career?

Thanks to the BFI, I’ve managed to build a list of all the UK films budgeted at over £500k since 2003 and all the UK films budgeted at under £500k since 2008. That’s 2,737 feature films in total.  I’m starting to crunch the numbers on this large dataset and in the coming weeks I’ll share what I discover.

All the data in this article relates to UK films, although the people aren’t all UK nationals. First up – let’s take a look at how many films each person has been involved with.  In summary…

  • Only 13% of producers of low budget films have subsequently produced a second film
  • Under 3% of directors who have directed a film have gone on to direct two …
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How many people work in the film industry in the UK?

I was asked by Kat, “How many people work in the UK Film Industry?” so I took a look.  In summary…

  • In 2012, there were 70,000 people at work in the film industry in the UK
  • 65% work in production, 10% in distribution and 25% in exhibition.
  • We are currently in a boom for film production jobs, up 261% on 1996
  • Most of this is fuelled by Hollywood’s inward investment in the UK
  • Many cinema staff are on zero-hour contracts
  • The number of cinema screens is stable but exhibition jobs are not
We’re in a boom for film jobs…

2011 was the biggest year for UK film jobs in a very long time (I can’t find figures going back far enough but it’s the biggest year I could find on …

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