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UK Feature Film Production

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  • Based on work by Stephen Follows via data from British Film Institute (BFI), UK Film Council (UKFC) and IHS Screen Digest.
  • I collated this from a variety of sources and consequently some years had conflicting data. For example, data published by the BFI in 2006 said that there were 128 films shot in the UK in 1996, whereas data published by the same organisation (BFI) in 2012 put the 1996 figure at 98. This is most likely to be due to different counting methods, rather than errors. In all such cases I have opted for the most recently published figures as the BFI revises old figures when new data is available.
  • The figures from recent years are likely to be revised upwards in the coming years as old films are discovered.
  • Before 2008 the BFI / UKFC didn’t track films budgeted under £1 million.

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