Student Feedback

Being new to the film industry Stephen guided me through all aspects of producing. I was stunned in his extensive knowledge about the industry. Stephen was always attentive on what I wanted to learn and introduced me to several industry professionals – I recommend Stephen’s classes, he is truly an expert in producing and an excellent teacher.
Karine Pawel
Stephen is an inspiring and creative teacher and I learned more about the real world of film production than I could ever have gleaned from a dozen books on the subject. I’d recommend anyone who’s serious about a career as a producer to spend time in Stephen’s company and listen.
Mark Lo
Classes were a joy to attend every evening as Stephen is inspiring in his wealth of knowledge and teaches his students like colleagues and friends. He was always happy to answer questions and give advice about career paths as well as organise great guest speakers from different areas of the industry. I would highly recommend this course and Stephen as an educator. I would attend any course he offered as I feel I learnt more in this course than my three year BA.
Gina Powell
Throughout the long information packed days Stephen was never less than an engaging, super enthusiastic fountain of knowledge, and, for what I learnt from it, the price was a steal! For anyone searching for a super short course that teaches them the no holds barred reality of what it takes to become a UK Independent Film Producer and get a feature film made, look no further.
Susie Watson
As a student, I recently attended an excellent 2 day course on 'successful crowdfunding for film' designed and presented by Stephen. I have some experience in the subject area as I have already recently been involved in a successful £77k crowdfunding campaign, and I have researched the area considerably. Stephen's course was very informative, his depth of knowledge and evidence base was highly impressive. Equally as importantly the presentations were highly entertaining, Stephen's keen humour made the 2 days 'work' very enjoyable (And I say that as a professional stand-up comedian myself). I feel the course was excellent value and invaluable as I prepare for further successful crowdfunding campaigns.
Gary Colman
Monkeys Blood Productions
Stephen's Crowdfunding Masterclass is an essential for all filmmakers. His teaching was excellent, to-the-point, and he is clearly an expert in this field. Thoroughly enjoyed it and thoroughly recommend!
David F. Jacobson
Stephen's 'Successful Crowdfunding' course was brilliant. The course was incredibly comprehensive, well-structured and I've walked away feeling like I'm ready to build a fantastic campaign. Stephen's delivery of the content was efficient but often humourous, and he gave plenty of hands-on case stud... See more
Lisa Jacobi
Post Production Supervisor
Stephen is deeply knowledgeable producer and an accomplished teacher. The lessons were fast-paced, fact-packed and always enjoyable. I strongly recommend Stephen's teaching for anything who wants to understand how the film industry really works.
Declan Reddington
Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor
I had attended master class by Stephen Follows ¨7 Steps producer¨. This seminar is a MUST for any kind of filmmakers-would it be a director, a producer, a writer or a DP. Stephen had delivered loads of essential industry information in a light and entertaining manner, though making sure that attendees have captured all the bullet points by distributing the handouts and posting documents online. I highly recommend Stephen Follow's master classes, thats a great vehicle of moving one's career forward. Besides, Stephen establishes comfortable atmosphere for networking with industry professionals, which is both inspiring and rewarding
Nikka Lorak
Fashion Photographer and Entrepreneur
Stephen Follows