School Feedback

Stephen’s work is bursting with the same unstoppable creative energy as the person himself. He is driven, focused, and completely committed to utter perfection, always making sure that each detail is as polished as it can possibly be. As a producer, he’s excellent at motivating and managing people and enabling everybody to give their best. As a writer, Stephen’s ideas never fail to amuse, surprise, entertain and amaze: at every turn, just when you thought you knew where the story was going, an unexpected twist will take you to a completely new and exciting place. It’s a delight to work with him – a Renaissance man for the 21st century.
Dr Roberto Trotta
Director at Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication, Imperial College London
Stephen is one of the best informed and prepared tutors at the Met. Student feedback from his sessions is excellent and the fact that they can follow him on his invaluable industry blog is a bonus that few tutors can offer.
Steve Pinhay
Head of Producing, Met Film School
How To Crowdfund Your Film does exactly what it says on the cover. It has clear and simple language throughout and is structured in a logical fashion. These are the kind of instructions you want when you are lost, which is sometimes what crowdfunding can feel like. How does Stephen Follow’s achieve such clarity? He’s done the research and knows what he is talking about. It is written with the confidence of someone who knows the way, and knows how to articulate it. It is an impressive and valuable contribution to film textbooks.
Dr. James Fair
Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Film, Bournemouth University
A long overdue and masterly distillation of crowdfunding for film, including direct comparison between several of the major and minor players. Loaded with richly informed insights into the most prized benefits of film crowdfunding, as well as its ‘to be avoided at all costs’ pitfalls. Absolutely essential reading, whether you are looking towards your first-ever crowdfunded film campaign, or your tenth – and whatever the budget level you are hoping to raise might be.
Stephen Hay,
Programme Leader BA Film, Photography and Media, University of Leeds
When teenagers describe a workshop as "brilliant", you know you've got the right person at the helm. Stephen was flexible, patient and full of creative prompts, and always in response to ideas generated by the group.
Mike Tait
Cinema Youth Development Officer
If you’ve ever wondered about how to raise money for a film, How to Crowdfund Your Film is an invaluable resource. From the differences between traditional funding sources to the various crowdfunding sites, how to set up your site, what to ask for and how, this book lays out all the information you will ever need to know. Written in an informative and humorous style, Stephen Follows has done all the research necessary for you to start on the right road. A must for film studies students, professionals and wannabes, ‘How to Crowdfund Your Film’ is your first step to raising money and funding your first (and subsequent) forays into the world of crowdfunding.
Kim Akass
Senior Lecturer in Film and TV, University of Hertfordshire
Stephen Follows’ agile but comprehensive volume is an essential read for anyone trying to launch an effective crowdfunding campaign. Follows’ illustrates every stage of the process with plenty of data, useful tips and, crucially, an engaging and clear language.
Dr Daniele Rugo,
Brunel University
Stephen Follows