Industry Feedback

I enjoy reading Stephen’s analysis of the film business for its unique and useful insight into our industry and would happily recommend his writing to all filmmakers and film professionals
Eric Fellner
Producer and Founder, Working Title
Stephen drills down on data to discover truths about the film industry. Totally worth a read.
Ted Hope
Head of Production, Amazon Original Movies
Stephen’s research is brilliant. No-one is doing data-driven analysis of the film industry quite like Stephen Follows. His detailed research and reporting about the film industry is unique and invaluable. Every week Stephen’s insights shed new light on different areas of the film business. We have syndicated some of Stephen’s work and will continue to do so. It is always very popular with our audience of producers and distributors.
Jonathan Wolf
Head of the American Film Market
Stephen Follows’ film data research is second to none. He provides modern analyses that inform new insights on filmmaking and the film industry, while retaining a deep respect for the craft. If you’re making or selling a film, you’d be crazy not learn from Stephen. (Oh, and he's funny too!)
Regina E. Dugan
Ex-director of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
For an In-depth look at what is really happening to the film industry and to gauge the next step in the current marketplace I always turn first to see what Stephen Follows has observed!
Elliot Grove
Founder BIFA / Raindance
Stephen’s research is a fascinating and often dramatic eye opener to both the business and creative side of film-making. Forget what you think you know and follow the numbers.
Barry Ryan
Head of Production, Warp Films
In an industry that’s often clouded with hyperbole and gut instinct Stephen Follows’ blog is a breath of fresh air. His meticulous analysis provides real insights into our business and audience behaviour. Best of all, he’s one of us!
Greg Denning
Head of Sales & Acquisitions and Development Manager at Studiocanal
I have had the good fortune to come across Stephen’s work in a number of areas, including the youth audience and the strange disconnect between people’s cinema experience and the reviews they often decide to leave. He is never less than insightful, and comes at issues with an original and inquisitive mind, leading to often unexpected but always intriguing results.
Phil Clapp
Chief Executive, UK Cinema Association
Stephen Follows brings deep research and long experience to his understanding of trends in the film industry, both large and small. At TIFF, I've found his insights illuminating, and I can imaging how much he has to offer to filmmakers.
Cameron Bailey
Artistic director and co-head of the Toronto International Film Festival
Stephen Follows' work always makes for fascinating reading - it's very carefully researched and on topics that are always interesting and useful to producers. When people starting out in the industry ask for advice about what they should be reading, I always point them to Stephen.
Adrian Sturges
Producer, Chimerica, The Disappearance of Alice Creed
Stephen Follows is the go to expert on all data relating to the movie industry. His findings are invaluable for accurate, impartial and precise information often painstakingly acquired. Totally unique, his findings invariably offer powerful insights into the business mechanics of filmmaking from the mega studio blockbuster to the micro British indie scene . Terrifically important.
James Kent
Director - The Aftermath, Testament of Youth
Stephen Follows has an unmatched skills in pulling together vast amounts of entertainment-related data and extracting findings that are insightful, relevant, topical and of great use to my work in the cinema business.
Patrick von Sychowski
Editor, Celluloid Junkie
I have enjoyed reading Stephen’s research over the years, and often find myself researching past posts when looking for data to support a business proposal. Whatever your topic or question, it is likely that Stephen has already crunched the data, and presented the results in clear and easily digestible charts.
Katheryn Needham
Head of TV and Digital, Studiocanal
Stephen is one of the most gifted producers I know. His mind operates at an entirely different speed to almost everyone I know, solving problems, offering solutions and innovating new opportunities at break neck speed. I don’t know anyone his age that has the same depth of experience and insight in film making.
Chris Jones
Author of The Guerrilla Filmmakers Handbook
Through a combination of insightful analysis and creative exercises, the chat GPT seminar, led by Stephen Follows, profoundly deepened my understanding of AI's potential in narrative development. It was nothing short of a game-changing experience that not only educated but also inspired - an invaluable resource for anyone in the TV industry.
Television Executive Producer
Stephen Follows