Stephen operates a consultancy service on various areas of the film industry. Previous clients have included producers, writers, directors, actors and composers. Some seek advice on active projects; others are looking for help in achieving the next step in their career.

  • Script appraisal and feedback
  • Project development and consultation
  • Creation of business plans and recoupment schedules
  • UK tax regulations
  • International co-productions
  • Introduction to feature film distribution and film markets
  • Producer’s rep / representation at film markets
  • All aspects of short film production and distribution


“I have much to thank Stephen for his time as a Consultant Producer. His selfless and dedicated approach, his encyclopaedic knowledge, discretion and sensitivity made him the perfect sounding board. Stephen’s experience and natural ability as a mentor for new producers is a talent I’d like to bottle and sell to all young filmmakers.”

Ginita Jimenez
Producer, Father Films

“Stephen Follows is not only a font of knowledge on all things film, but a very generous one. Whenever I need advice Stephen is at the top of my list of people to call”

Orlando Seale Actor (‘Bobby’, ‘The West Wing’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’)

“Stephen Follows gave me wonderful direction in constructing my approach to the European festival circuit. He was able to consolidate a plethora of insights on the dynamics of film festival submission into a single cohesive strategy to great effect”

Carlos Dengler
Director & member of band ‘Intepol’

“Stephen was a guiding light when I arrived at the Cannes Film Festival, giving me valuable advice on where best to meet buyers, distributors and investors all of which made a tremendous difference to my experience of Cannes”

Susie Watson, BBC Drama

“We have developed a great working relationship with Stephen Follows and he has helped us capitalize on our successes in the UK and abroad. His knowledge of the film industry both in terms of the business and creative aspects, have been hugely helpful and has led directly to future feature projects with directors and producers we would not have met without Stephen’s help and advice”

Michael Csanyi-Wills & Nigel Clarke, Composers

“I found Stephen’s services to be extremely helpful in understanding content and preparing budgets for independent film making. The information he provided was backed up with detailed evidence, which as a result saved on major cost factors”

Keni Desai, Managing Director, Virtue Media

Stephen Follows