Protocol Error


In this comedic foray into the fallout of technological mishaps, a high-level AI official mistakenly enacts a series of political blunders…


65% funding secured (including UK Tax Credit). Shooting Q2 2024.


Edward Dark


Stephen Follows & Felicity J Cooke


Felicity J Cooke & Edward Dark

Log Line
When the Department for International Trade secretly replaces a high-ranking official with an AI, ensuing blunders threaten international relations, leaving a ragtag team to fix the protocol error.

A quintessentially British farce unfurls as an AI’s rise to political power triggers a chain of uproarious misadventures, poking fun at the serious world of international diplomacy.

Comedy, Screwball, Political Satire

Core Audience
Fans of traditional British comedies, political satire enthusiasts, tech-savvy viewers, and those looking for intelligent humour.

Witty, Irreverent, Light-Hearted

In a modern twist on the classic Ealing comedy, the British government’s experiment to utilise AI for efficiency goes hilariously wrong. It’s up to an unconventional group of civil servants to sort through a catalogue of diplomatic errors and expose the mistaken “official” before global havoc ensues. “Protocol Error” satirises both technology’s overreach and the foibles of bureaucracy with timeless British humour.

Stephen Follows