The Downing Street Deception

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A young communications officer discovers the new Prime Minister is a foreign spy, plunging her into a perilous quest to unveil the truth before the nation falls into chaos.

Pre-production, seeking remaining 35% funding. Interest from major streaming platforms. Aiming for principal photography in Q3 2024.

Stephen Follows

Stephen Follows & Felicity J Cooke

Felicity J Cooke

Uncovering a national conspiracy within the hallowed corridors of Number 10, one plucky PR team member becomes Britain’s unsung hero in this gripping tale of espionage and intrigue.

Thriller, Political, Drama

Core Audience
Avid followers of political dramas, conspiracy theorists, those who revel in tales of espionage, and fans of strong female protagonists.

Tense, Cerebral, Thrilling

“The Downing Street Deception” follows an up-and-coming PR officer who stumbles upon a harrowing revelation—the UK’s newly elected Prime Minister is orchestrating a dangerous plot as an agent of a foreign power. With the country’s stability at stake, she must outmanoeuvre a shadowy web of deceit and danger to save her nation. Rich in political intrigue, the film weaves a taut narrative of betrayal and patriotism in the heart of British democracy.

Stephen Follows