The Horror Report

The most comprehensive case study of the horror genre ever. The horror genre dissected, analysed​ and laid bare. Using data on every horror film ever made, a data-driven dive into everything from development, production and distribution to recoupment and profitability.

Regaining Young Audiences

A survey of 1,000 11-to-15-year-olds in the UK, looking at their attitudes and interactions with cinema-going. Supported by Into Film.

Literature Review of Young Cinema Audiences

A literature review of 47 existing studies into young audiences, summarising and collating the key findings. Supported by Into Film.

Judging Screenplays By Their Coverage

An analysis of 12,000+ unproduced feature film screenplays and the scores they received, revealing what professional script readers think makes a good screenplay. In partnership with Screencraft.

Gender Inequality and Screenwriters

A study of the impact of gender on equality of opportunity for screenwriters and key creatives in the UK film and television industries. Supported by the Writers Guild of Great Britain and ALCS.

Cut Out Of The Picture

An in-depth study of gender representation in the UK film industry. The report covers all departments and roles but has a special focus on directors, including covering representation at various stages of directors' careers. Supported by Directors UK.

Gender in UK Film Crews

The gender representation of UK film crews (2009-13), broken down by department, creative role and genre.

Gender in Hollywood Film Crews

The gender representation of Hollywood film crews (2009-13), broken down by department, creative role and genre.

Film Industry Survey 2014

The views of 1,235 working film professionals on topics such as piracy, the appeal of 3D, gender, business practices and how optimistic industry professionals are for the future.

Gender in the International Film Business

A literature review of key studies and analysis of gender representation among international film professionals.
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