Where do UK consumers buy their DVDs?

In discussions about why certain types of British films are made, the topic of supermarkets often comes up. The experience of purchasing a DVDs in a Tesco or Asda is a very different to that of browsing online retails such as play.com or in dedicated shops such as HMV. Anecdotally I’m told that it favours films which “go well with a few beers”, hence the increase in gangster and football-focused films of late. I can’t provide data on which films go well with a Carling but we can look at where UK consumers are buying their DVD and Blu-rays.

In summary…

  • UK consumers buy more DVDs in supermarkets than online
  • Almost a quarter of all the DVDs sold in the UK are bought …
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How much does it cost to release a film in the UK?

This week, I’m taking a look at the true cost to release a film the UK.  Every few months a new article does the rounds on Facebook purporting to show the “most profitable films of all time“. The majority of these perform a simple calculation using the ratio of production budget to box office.  But this type of maths doesn’t factor in distribution costs such as marketing, advertising, percentage of box office paid to big stars and other additional costs to the studio after they pick up a film (music licensing, reshoots, etc).  Most of these costs fall under the term ‘Prints and Advertising’ (known as P&A).  The ‘Prints’ here are the film prints that the cinema projects to the public, …

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Do women prefer films made by female filmmakers?

This is the second of a three part series on gender in the film industry.  The first article was published on Monday and looked at new data I’ve gathered for the global film business. The third article will be published on Friday and is a collation of all the film gender studies I could find.

The blog articles cannot cover all of the information I have gathered so I am creating a PDF report that includes all the gender studies and data. If you want to receive the full 30 page report then please join my free mailing list via the box to the right and I’ll send you the PDF once it’s ready. The report will contain…

  • New data on gender within the global …
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Where in the world do British films do well?

I spent some of last week in Berlin at the InterFilm International Short Film Festival which was playing host to the Viral Video Awards (where my film ‘The Theory of Everything‘ won the Audience Award!)

The experience of watching British films abroad got me thinking about the export of UK films. Despite the fact that most British filmmakers want to sell their films worldwide, few seem to have a handle on how likely that is. I took a look at how British films perform around the world and which types of British films do best. In summary…

  • The UK is the second largest exporter of films, after America
  • In 2012, British films accounted for 15% of the global box office
  • The vast majority of internationally …
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The Numbers on 20 Years of Film Rental

In last week’s blog I published the figures for how much the UK Film Industry has earned in revenue over the last 15 years. A couple of people expressed surprise that the rental market used to provide as much as 20% of the total income a feature film could earn. With that in mind, I’ve taken a quick took at the last 20 years of UK Home Video sales and rentals. In summary:

  • VHS rentals were at their highest in 1992
  • By 2007 the film industry stopped tracking VHS rentals as there were so few
  • VHS rentals in 1992 were almost four times higher than DVD rentals in 2012
  • The peak for VHS sales was 1998, and the DVD peak was in 2008.
  • The first Netflix-like …
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Has piracy harmed the UK Film Industry?

A recent report by the London School of Economics suggests that far from hurting the music industry, piracy is actually helping.  They say…

Contrary to the industry claims, the music industry is not in terminal decline, but still holding ground and showing healthy profits. Revenues from digital sales, subscription services, streaming and live performances compensate for the decline in revenues from the sale of CDs or records- LSE MPP Policy Brief 9 Copyright and Creation, London School of Economics

A few people have asked me if the same applies to the film industry in the UK.  I’ve taken a look at some of the numbers to see if it’s clear either way. In summary…

  • 2012 UK DVD revenues were half what they were …
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How many UK films get a cinema release?

In response to last week’s blog looking at the number of films made in the UK, Jason Attar asked how many of the feature films made in the UK actually reach cinemas. Thanks Jason, good question.

In summary, between 2007 and 2010:

  • 35% of UK films are released in UK cinemas within two years of principal photography
  • A film’s budget is a strong indicator of how likely it is to get shown in cinemas
  • One in five UK films made for under £500,000 reached UK cinemas within two years of being shot
  • 70% of UK films with budgets over £5 million are theatrically distributed in the UK
  • Just under half of UK films cost under £500,000
  • Of the UK films which didn’t receive a theatrical release, 65% were …
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Digital film distribution in the UK

The physical distribution and exhibition of movies in UK cinemas has changed hugely in the last five years.  The 125-year-old era of 35mm celluloid film is over, giving way to a digital future. Here are some of the key facts to stay up to speed with the recent changes in UK cinema exhibition…

  • 35mm distribution may end this year
  • Fortunately 92% of UK cinema screens are digital
  • And 41% are equipped with 3D
  • You only need 2k resolution for nearly all screens
  • 4k resolution is not always better than 2k
  • But screening at 4k can lead to better reviews
  • Vue have the most 4k screens in Europe
  • 4k storage is 11 times more expensive than 35mm film
  • Bonus fact: The best cinema seats are 1.5 times the height of the …
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    UK Box Office Survives a 89 Percent Crash

    Pop quiz, hot shot… What year had the most cinema tickets sold in the UK?   Was it the time of the Hollywood epic such as ‘Cleopatra‘ (1963)? Maybe the first wave of blockbusters like ‘Jaws‘ (1975) and ‘Star Wars‘ (1977).  ‘Avatar‘ (2009) perhaps? Or has ‘Pacific Rim‘ done so well as to make 2013 beat all previous records? (more…)

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    49 Interesting Facts about the UK Film Industry

    The BFI have published the latest version of their annual publication, the BFI Statistical Yearbook 2013, which focuses on data collected in 2012.

    You can download the full 254 page report here at www.bfi.org.uk/education-research/film-industry-statistics-research/statistical-yearbook I’ve gone through and picked out what I regard as the 49 most interesting nuggets about the UK Film Industry.

    1. Women only made up 13% of screenwriters and 8% of directors.  Both figures are lower than 2011 (19% and 15% respectively).

    2. The BFI awarded £1m to short films in 2012.

    3. 200 films passed the Cultural Test in 2012 to become officially ‘British’. Of these, 13 were official co-productions.

    4. On average, films passing the Cultural Test were able to class 71% of their total budget as ‘Production Costs’ …

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