Do film professionals think that 3D is better than 2D?

7 March '14 Comment

Film Industry Survey 2014This is the fifth of ten articles revealing the results of my survey of 1,235 film industry professionals. More details of the survey and my methodology can be found here and for any questions or clarification please contact me.

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Key Findings – 3D versus 2D

  • 5% of the industry think that a film being in 3D makes it more enjoyable than 2D
  • 1% of those working on films over $1 million believe that a film is more enjoyable in 3D than 2D
  • The sector that enjoys 3D the most is Marketing.

Do film professionals think 3D is better than 2D?

I figured that asking outright “Does 3D make movies better?” would create a skewed result so I used a sneaky method to get closer to the truth. I presented one group three general statements and then a similar group were show the same three statements but mixed with a fourth statement relating to 3D making a film more enjoyable than 2D.  Both groups were asked how many of the statements they agreed with in total (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4). By comparing the two sets of results we can deduce the average effect of the additional 3D statement. A movie is more enjoyable in 3D than 2D

Breakdown by sector

The Marketing and Other (which includes those working in training, finance, festivals, legal, among others) sectors account for almost everyone who feels 3D makes for a more enjoyable film. A movie is more enjoyable in 3D is better than 2D

Breakdown by budget level

It’s interesting that those who are more likely to be able to make 3D films (i.e. those on larger budgets) are less likely to think that 3D makes a film more enjoyable. A movie is more enjoyable in 3D is better than 2D

About the survey

The survey involved 1,235 film industry professionals, all of whom have attended at least one of the three major film markets (Cannes, Berlin or AFM) within the past five years.  I asked questions on a variety of hot topics including piracy, the appeal of 3D, gender, and how optimistic industry professionals are for 2014. More details of the survey and my methodology can be found here and for any  questions or clarification please contact me.


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