Where does film financing come from?

12 March '14 4 Comments on Where does film financing come from?

Film Industry Survey 2014This is the final of ten articles revealing the results of my survey of 1,235 film industry professionals. More details of the survey and my methodology can be found here and for any questions or clarification please contact me.

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Key Findings – Film financing

  • 27% of film financing came from private finance / high net worth individuals
  • Government grants and tax incentives combined account for 21% of film funding

Where does film financing come from?

The largest source of film financing was Private Finance, which includes high-net worth investors.  The second largest source was Pre-sales, where the film is sold to sales agents or distributor prior to completion (sometimes just based on a script and cast list). Tax incentives and government funding combined account for 21% of film financing for feature films.

Where did the film financing come from?

About the survey

The survey involved 1,235 film industry professionals, all of whom have attended at least one of the three major film markets (Cannes, Berlin or AFM) within the past five years.  I asked questions on a variety of hot topics including piracy, the appeal of 3D, gender, and how optimistic industry professionals are for 2014. More details of the survey and my methodology can be found here and if you have any questions or require clarification  on anything please contact me.



  1. Does this financing just cover the budget of the film or all the other costs added on once the films been made like marketing, manufacturing etc?


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