Will it rain at the Cannes Film Festival?

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I don’t know if it’s limited to just the British tent, but the conversations in Cannes seem very weather-orientated at the moment.  I have been asked a number of times if I know whether it will rain.  So, once and for all, no I don’t know.  But I can tell you what the weather has been like at Cannes Film Festival in previous years.

Rain reigns rarely

For the most part, the weather at the Cannes Film Festival has been hot and dry since the dawn of time.  However, every so often the eleven days of the Cannes Film Festival are hit by bad weather.  In 2012, the Hollywood Reporter described the weather as having a “London feel” due to the “rain, thunder and howling winds”.

Over the past ten years, it has rained on 29% of days during the festival.

Days it rained during the Cannes Film Festival 2003-14

The tan in Cannes stays mainly on the fans

The average temperatures during the Cannes Film Festival over the past decade range from 16.1℃ (in 2012) to 20.5℃ (in 2007).

Mean temperature during the Cannes Film Festival

The highest temperature ever recorded in Cannes during the month of May since 1981 was a scorching 38℃ and the lowest was 2.3℃ – quite a range!

Throughout the rest of the year the weather in Cannes fluctuates between 8℃ (in January) to 22℃ (in July).  The driest month is July, with an average of just 16 millimeters of rain, compared to the wettest month of October, which has an average of 120 millimeters.

Notes on the rain at the Cannes Film Festival

The data came from the Weather Underground, Holiday Weather, Wikipedia and the Cannes official site.


I normally blog every Monday but this blog-ette was a quick bit of fun to answer this crucial question.  Normal service will be resumed on Monday.


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