How many film schools are there worldwide?

As regular readers will know, I have a strong interest in film education. In the film industry there are few formal barriers to entry, many paths to a career and strong competition among the large number of new entrants. This creates a much more muddy situation when it comes to vocalising education than is the case in other professions, such as in the legal profession.

The debate about the efficacy of film schools is as old as celluloid and is not one I will be addressing today. Instead, I will be looking at the number and nature of film schools and courses available to students in 2015. In the coming weeks, I will also be sharing more details of the film courses and also the results of surveys I performed with film students, revealing their opinions of their school, courses and tutors.

I looked at all the film schools I could find worldwide which offer film courses of at least one year and which include at least some practical element. This means I did not look at short courses or film theory courses.

In summary…

  • Across the world, I found 608 film schools actively offering a full-time film course, with at least some practical filmmaking elements and lasting at least a year
  • I found 2,603 full-time practical film-related courses on offer in 2015 worldwide
  • There are film schools is 59 countries around the world
  • 48% of film schools are in the USA or the UK
  • In the UK, there are 145 institutions offering these types of film courses, between them offering 537 film courses
  • Of those, 12 are dedicated film schools and the rest are part of a larger institution
  • 52% of UK film courses are at BA level

Where in the world are all the film schools?

I found a total of 608 schools actively offering a full-time film-related course, with at least some practical filmmaking elements, lasting at least a year and starting in 2015.

These schools are across 59 countries in the world, although nearly half are based in the United Kingdom or the United States.

I found a further 642 film schools which exist online but which do not seem to be offering a full-time practical film course in 2015. Some had closed, some do not have course details online and some run courses outside my focus (i.e. under a year long and/or without any element of practical filmmaking).

How many film courses are on offer worldwide?

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Film industry press: The most shared articles

Last week I looked at the volume of articles published by major film industry news publications.  This week I have built upon that information to uncover the film industry’s most shared, liked and tweeted articles.

I studied all 239,720 articles published by Deadline, the Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire, Screen International and Variety between 2012 and 2014.

In summary…

  • Variety has the largest presence on Facebook while the Hollywood Reporter is most shared on Twitter.
  • “Dies” is Variety’s 20th most frequently-used word in headlines, appearing in 2.5% of headlines.
  • In 2014, the Hollywood Reporter received an average of 97 tweets per article.
  • 7% of the Hollywood Reporter headlines included the word ‘exclusive’, compared with 3% at Indiewire.
  • Variety published seven of the top ten most tweeted articles of the film industry press in 2012-14.
  • The most shared articles on Facebook have two major themes – death and politics.
  • Justin Bieber featured in the first and fourth most tweeted articles.
  • Jon Voight has the highest average number of Facebook shares of all writers
  • Only one in five of the articles shared/ liked by the film press received any Facebook comments

Caring who’s sharing

Variety is the publication with the largest presence on Facebook. This graph combines article likes, shares and comments to generate a figure for ‘Facebook activity’. In 2014, Variety stories received an average of 1,009 Facebook activities across all articles, compared with 854 for the Hollywood Reporter, 257 for Indiewire and 43 for Screen International.

As detailed at the end of this article, Deadline reorganized their site in August 2014 and their average Facebook activity for September to December 2014 was 743.

Tracking who’s tweeting

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Film industry press: Who publishes the most?

Today’s article started life in much the same way this blog did – a conversation in a pub with fellow film professionals. We were discussing the merits of different news sites within the film industry and my interest was piqued enough to want to have a look at the numbers.

I took a look at articles published by five major film industry sites between 2012 and 2014. In the coming weeks I will share more of what I found but let’s start with the basics – how many articles do they publish and who’s writing them.

Reporting on reporting

I should start by saying that it isn’t fair to compare different publications purely by the number of articles they publish.  The length, quality and depth of their reporting should be taken into account and so this is not designed as a league table but merely a quantification of the online content they publish.

N.B. The publications are presented in alphabetical order

Deadline began life as a weekly cololum in the LA Times by reporter Nikki Finke. In 2009 it was bought by Penske Media Corporation, which also own film industry publication Variety.  According to PMC, Deadline has 10 million visitors a month.

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) is owned by Guggenheim Digital Media, who also own Billboard, Adweek and Back Stage.

The print edition of the magazine reaches 74,000 people and its readership is 65% male, have a median age of 51 and an average household income of $416,000. By contrast, their online readership is younger (median age 45), more gender neutral (52% male) and poorer (average household income of $90,000).


Indiewire first launched in print at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, followed shortly by the launch of the website in 1998. Of all the publications I studied it is the one most aimed at independant film.

Screen International is the online home of Screen International, which provide copious coverage from the Cannes film festival and market each year, hense the spikes in May.


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