How does the BFI award it’s short film funding?

BFI short film fundingToday’s article is something I have been trying to write about for almost a year; short film funding. Last July I contacted the BFI with a Freedom of Information request about the amount of money awarded to short films. After a bit of chasing (and ten months passing), they have finally released the figures. I asked them which short film projects they have funded in the past few years, and to what amounts. In summary…

In summary…

  • Since 2011, the BFI has awarded over a million pounds to 29 short film projects
  • The largest amount of funding for one film was £58,500
  • Warp Films received over 10% of the total amount awarded

BFI short film funding by year

The total amount awarded since January 2011 was £1,084,961 and splits up as follows…

  • 2011 = £123,818
  • 2012 = £887,651
  • 2013 = £72,792
  • 2014 = £700
  • Total Jan 2011 to Feb 2014 = £1,084,961

In 2011 there was no new shorts scheme, whereas in 2012 The Lighthouse managed the BFI’s allocation of £1 million. The short film awards are now handled by Net.Work.

The Films

The one million pounds was split across 29 different short film projects and most projects were only awarded one grant. Eight were awarded two lump sums and two projects were given three different sets of money. The largest amount given to a single short film was £58,500 to Mohammed from Pico Pictures and the smallest was £2,800 to Pitch Black Heist from DMC Film. The average amount awarded was £37,412 per film.

Short Film TitleGrant Amount
Keeping Up With The Joneses£58,000
Orbit Ever After£58,000
The Line£56,025
Field Study£49,599
Liam + Lenka£45,512
The Beast£43,795
Sea View£42,000
The Portrait£40,761
S L R£38,465
The Parachutist£27,518
No Kaddish in Wrexham£26,026
The Karman Line£25,000
Broken Eternity£24,160
The Curse£21,660
Going to Mecca£20,000
Acoustic Kitty£18,330
Cool Box£11,000
Pitch Black Heist£2,800

Company Credits

Warp Films were awarded £115,333 across three projects, meaning that they received over 10% of the total amount awarded by the BFI.

CompanyTotal Awarded
Warp Films Ltd£115,333
Pico Pictures£58,500
Agile Films£58,000
No Logo Films Ltd£58,000
Life To Live Films£56,270
Dark Pictures Limited£56,025
Tomboy Films (UK) Ltd£54,315
Escape Films Ltd£49,965
Golden Arrow Pictures Ltd£49,783
Rooks Nest Entertainment£49,599
First Born Films Ltd£48,661
Electric Ballroom Productions Limited£47,824
Sigma Films Ltd£42,000
Eclectic Films The Portrait Ltd£40,761
Stigma Films Ltd£38,465
Stray Bear Films£38,252
John Loden Ltd£37,741
Various Films Ltd£27,518
Fortune Films£25,000
Too Tall Productions Ltd£25,000
B3 Media£24,160
Quark Films£21,660
Basement Multimedia Ltd£20,000
Bru Productions Ltd£18,330
Tiger Lily Films Ltd£11,000
DMC Film Ltd£2,800