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Raindance statistics – who’s visiting Raindance.org?

29 December '14 2 Comments on Raindance statistics – who’s visiting Raindance.org?

Raindance statistics I have very kindly been given access to the full Raindance statistics on their website by its founder Elliot Grove. Raindance began life in 1992, providing training to the British independent film community and grew to include an annual film festival (in 1993), the British Independent Film Awards (1998), a charity (2006), online distribution (2007) and theatrical distribution (2010).  Elliot describes the website as “the second largest film site in europe, after only the BFI”. I don’t have enough data to confirm that quote but the numbers certainly confirm that Raindance is a popular site.  In summary…

  • Between 1st Nov 2012 – 30th Nov 2014, raindance.org had 6.3 million pageviews
  • This includes two visitors from North Korea and one single visitor from Antarctica, Christmas Island and Nauru apiece
  • Nine articles account for 20% of Raindance’s entire web traffic

So how many people visit raindance.org?

Between 1st Nov 2012 – 30th Nov 2014, raindance.org served 6.3 million pages.  There has been a steady growth in popularity, with a monthly average of 67,436 pageviews in 2012, 221,877 in 2013 and 323,409 so far in 2014. The big spikes are due to their annual film festival in September / October each year and for a particularly popular articles about what people do on a film set (April / May 2014) and Paul Walker (published just hours after his death was announced in December 2013). Raindance statistics on Raindance.org 2012 to 2014

 Most read articles on Raindance.org

Just nine articles accounted for 20% of their entire web traffic between the start of November 2012 and the end of November 2014.

215 things everyone does on a film set315,326
3Worlds top short film festivals187,287
4In memory of paul walker 5 things you may not have known149,406
57 rules for writing short films 2135,043
68 mistakes filmmakers make that kill their careers102,602
710 tips for writing loglines96,731
8Essential 100 film festivals part 184,626
9Where to find film work84,189
10Top 10 french films of 201273,143
125 simple mistakes documentary filmmakers make64,160
13Top 13 sites for independent filmmakers63,793
1410 top documentary film festivals63,371
1510 zero budget filmmaking tips59,091
16Postgraduate film degree56,171
17How to get film work without experience53,179
18Submissions 201453,085
195 things you should know about dslr film making48,014
20Raindance london calendar46,156

The 10 Raindance Statistics You Really Must Read…

One of the types of articles which Raindance often publish are list-based articles.  In fact, 27% of their traffic came from such articles, which is a lot when you consider that the remaining 73% include their homepage, film festival content and details of all their courses. Due to the abundance of list-based content I thought it would be fun to measure what the most popular number of items was. Popularity of lists within Raindance statistics

Where in the world are Raindance visitors from?

Google Analytics states that raindance.org has had traffic from 239 countries, which is particularly impressive as Google also says that there are only 196 countries in the world. (There’s a publicity stat for you, Elliot – “Raindance serves filmmakers in 122% of countries”). This includes two visitors from North Korea and one single visitor from Antarctica, Christmas Island and Nauru apiece. Location of Raindance visitors

Popular days of the week

Average page views on Raindance.ord by day of the week


I am grateful to Elliot for allowing me unfettered access to the Raindance statistics.  There was no quid pro quo and he genuinely let me publish what I wanted, although I did give him advance sight of this article. In some cases there were articles with duplicate content (such as this one and this one) and so in those cases I combined the figures and treated them as one article.



  1. I’m honoured that you have taken the time to look at the stats on the Raindance page, and eternally grateful to know that 122% of the world’s nations look at our site! Thanks Stephen – another great article.

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